Yoga For Strong Legs

Yoga is the perfect practice for the whole body. There are different yoga asanas that focus on stretching on strengthening different body parts. One of my weekly Instagram Yoga challenges #IGYogaStudio explores the best drills for strengthening and I am sharing with you my 8 Leg Strengthening drills that not only tone your leg muscles but they actually make you stronger. 

Yoga Drills for Strong legs:

1. Warrior 1 to Humble Warrior *Hold each pose for 5/10 breaths and than swap the legs

2. High Lunge twists
Start in High Lunge and Inhale. On your Exhale twist towards the side of your front leg bringing the opposite arm forward and the other back. While you twist bring the hips a little bit lower and as you come back to High Lunge bring them an inch up. This is one repetition. *Start with 10 repetitions on one side, than change the legs.

3. Warrior 2 to Reverse Warrior to Side Angle pose. Start with holding each pose for 5 breaths and than swap the legs. *You can do as many repetitions as you want.

4. Chair pose variations
Start with 3 breaths in regular Chair pose, then come on your toes for 3 more breaths. Bring the heels down and come up and down with your hips 3 times. To finish interlace the fingers behind your back and fold over the legs keeping them in Chair pose. This is one set.
Start with 2 sets.

5. Goddess pose to Skandasana
Start with 5 breaths in Goddess and then bend one knee and lower down to Skandasana. Change sides and return to Goddess. This is one repetition. *Start with 5 repetitions holding each pose for 5 breaths.

6. Malasana Ups & Downs
Start in Malasana or Yogi Squat.
Extend the arms up and slowly squat up and bring yourself almost to standing and then squat down. This is one repetition. *Start with 5/10 repetitions.

7. Hand to the Big toe and Pistol squat
Extend one leg forward and grab the big toe (you can use a strap). Hold it for 5 breaths and then release the leg and hold it for additional 5 breaths. This is one repetition. *Start with 1 repetition with each leg and slowly increase.

From here if you want to challenge yourself you can start lowering down to Pistol squat

8. Goddess pose on Tip toes
Start with Goddess pose and from here you can be creative. You can come on the tiptoes on one foot or both. *You can do as many repetitions as you want.



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