Rescue Yogi Snack Jar

One of the most asked questions I get are : “What do I eat in between teaching yoga classes” and “How I don’t feel heavy”.

Rescue Yogi Snack jar is the key of balanced snacking.

When you are a yoga teacher most of the time you only have 30/40 minutes in between two classes. Moving from one studio to another and yoga demonstrations after you just had your meal can feel difficult and discomforting. When you are “on the go” and planning to stay out the whole day, carrying all your essentials can be tricky if you want to stay healthy and on budget. .

In order to keep my body healthier and light I schedule my main meals around the time when I am either not teaching for a few hours or I finished teaching for the day (dinner). Usually I have light breakfast and lunch with few snacks in between followed by a yummy dinner when I end my day.

As a person that can’t stay more than 2h without a bite and know that there will be hours until my next real meal I make sure to have my Rescue yogi snack Jar. Usually I prepare this jar on Monday and I finish it by Friday.


20% Dates

20% dry fruit (apricot, mango, cranberries, goji berries etc.)

30% nuts (always have at least 2 types) My favorite combo is cashew nuts and almonds.

20% dry raisins

10% seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)

There is not particular measurement of the ingredients but I assure to have a bit of everything. Be creative, listen to your intuition and what your body needs, stay hydrated, healthy and smile.



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