Five minutes lunch (Vegan + Healthy)

Yummy, fulfilling but still super light, this salad is my favorite lunch choice. It is super easy to make, takes literally 5/10 minutes and is healthy and full with good stuff. This salad is great healthy option for everyone who is super busy but still want to bring their lunch to work. You can prepare everything the night before just don’t add the vinegar and the olive oil.


Your favorite choice of greens (mine is rocket with iceberg lettuce)

4/5 cherry tomatoes (cut) or 1 regular tomato (cut)

1/2 or 1/3 of Avocado

Tofu* (scroll down for non vegan options)

1tsp sunflower and pumpkin seeds

1tsp rasins

1 Tbsp hummus

Olive oil + balsamic vinegar

*if you are not vegan you can substitute the tofu with cheese (some cheeses dont need to be cooked in the pan) or your choice of meat.

Start by cutting the tofu and frying it with little bit of oil. Don’t flip it until the lower part is completely golden (otherwise it will break). While the Tofu is cooking cut the tomatoes and avocado and mix them with the greens and the seeds. Stir the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Once the tofu is ready add it on top and give the bowl a good stir. To finish add the spoon of hummus and the raisins.




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